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Dancing like their in a dream [entries|friends|calendar]
fans of the epoxies

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February 27th, ]

Hi there, new and all. Good photos! Roxy is awsome cool.

So, after literally MONTHS of waiting, the day finally came. I got to see the Epoxies.
And the wait? Was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

It was amazing. After Dan "The Man" Potthast made me giggle with funtimes acoustic songs very reminiscant of the Aquabats own sillyness, with songs like "Vampire Girlfriend" and a lyric in another song that goes "Who could ever belive, that a halogen bulb could concive?" the Epoxies took centre stage and rocked the fucking basment down.

 There also exists, a Video. The sound is a bit shoddy (standing right next to the speakers will do that to you) so turn the speakers down, and you can just about hear it clearly, but its Roxy singing "We're So Small". Notice, halfway through, during the lyric "So hold me in your arms, and put your lips to mine", someone leans forward to kiss her on the cheek? Thats me.
Yeah. You read right. 
I've kissed Roxy Epoxy.
dance like your in a dream

January 10th, ]

Dose anyone have some good quality pictures of the epoxies? Like not from shows but photoshots, even if you find them off yahoo or some place like that.
dance like your in a dream

December 8th, ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My dear Lisa and I went to the Epoxies shows in Towson then Phily. We got an interview with Roxie in Phily and it's now up. Check it out at here. Great show, beautiful energy and damn does she dance beautifuly.

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November 29th, ]

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dance like your in a dream

October 29th, ]

Hey, I just joined. The Epoxies are one of my favorite bands. They are the best live band around right now. Everyone go to fat tour just to see them.

Here are a few pics I took:

My friend took a really good quality video of the song "Stop Looking At Me" and I'll post a link once she gives me the disks she has it on.
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other bands [Thursday,
September 29th, ]

[ mood | creative ]

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dance like your in a dream

tour dates [Saturday,
October 29th, ]

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dance like your in a dream

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